Willowdown and trinimade Collabs Page 4

Page 4

Full Moon by trinimade and Willowdown

He stands head raised, baying at the full moon,
As fuelled by instinct, he howls
To his heart’s content, whilst mortals cower
At the horrendous sound.

She can affect the behaviour of men;
Some may find themselves deprived of
Sleep, and still others prone to lunacy
Are rendered quite insane.

Wolf speaks:
I am the wolf
I live all alone
I have no children or mate
cross me and you
make a fatal mistake.
No need to wear sheep's clothing.
Lady - would you care to be disrobing?
I am the wolf, hungry and mean
the meanest wolf that you
have ever seen.

Moon Lady:
I am the Lady of the Moon, I fear
Neither man nor beast. One glance from
Me can make them docile or stark staring
Mad. The power is mine.

Across the way a mortal has lost his
Mind; and he runs amok, babbling
Incessantly. Elsewhere a woman weeps
For no obvious reason.
I am that man!
I am that woman!
I am the Wolf and I am the Moon!
I am the Lord of Madness and the Mistress of Secrets
I am the Poison and I am the Cure
I am the prison and I am the open door...
let those who are weary come unto me
I am the Truth
and the Truth will set you free.
Take up your ragged wolfskin, Wolf
and stalk the ragged moonlight,
embrace its sharp shards with your bleeding arms
devour the beauty of the Moon
with your hungry belly and heart!

I am the yin and yang of life. I am
Wisdom, darkness and I am light.
I control the seas; the tides ebb and flow
In sync with my commands.

I rule the skies with my brother the sun.
Cry wolf for all the world to hear,
Whilst humans rant and wail for all they’re worth,
I will not cease to shine.

Nor I to howl, m'dear!

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